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New Update March 23,2022

Christian Mission South Haiti /Bergeaud Church of Christ

760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002

P.O Box 2914

Apopka, Florida 32704

Tel: 618-789-4962. 407-385-8712. 954-934-9602

Dear visitors,

We welcome you on our website, we appreciate your visitation and we pray that our

information will encourage you, you will be our partner by supporting our goals which are:

  1. Spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus in all of Haiti and around the world, practice all of the commandments of Jesus Christ (James 1:27, John 13:14-16).

  2. Christian Mission South Haiti wants to invite you to our actions ministry, by looking at the world we are living in, suffering is everywhere, hunger, victims of war, victims of the earthquake, victims of the flood, victims of gang violence. Our goal is to be present with a solution. To bring a drink for those who thirst, to cloth the naked, to put shoes on for the naked feet.

  3. Working in Haiti with those situations, we are also feeling the situations, after the earthquake, seeing people living under tents made of clothes, with no protection for the upcoming rain season, they will be drenched throughout this time. The sun will harm their skins, too much rain is bad and too much of the sun is bad as well. We as disciples of Christ Jesus must do as much as we can, it is for that reason, we require today for you to become our partner in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord. You can donate clothes, shoes, food (money) so we can buy these items in Haiti.

  4. If you want to become our partner, together we will follow the commandments of our savior Jesus Christ by helping the needy, you will always receive information of what will be next.

  5. Here are a few needs of Christian Mission South Haiti, we need to repair or repair our church buildings, the main church building of our organization has replaced their rooftop in January of 20221 as a gift by church supporters, however, it was destroyed on August 14, 2021, and it is one of our urgent need. The people were heavily impacted by the earthquake, the medical need is urgent, we need medicines to provide for the local population because of a shortage of medicines. We need to keep continue helping at-risk children, so they can continue going to school, to feed themselves. We need to help single families, mostly mothers raising children by themselves, they are in great danger, they also need to be fed with their children and provide them with clothes. We need to help repair church buildings. We hope you will respond to one or two of these needs. Below you can copy this and send it to us with a checkmark, which one the Lord Jesus is telling you to partner with us. There is no electricity for months, no gas at the pumps if you are able to acquire but it is by street merchants 10 times higher the normal price, we want to buy marine batteries for our office, but the cost is $200 each and we need 12 marine batteries plus cables. Praise God, the company in the state of Florida gave us some solar panels and inverters that bring the cost considerably less, if we didn't have the solar panels and inverter the cost would be very high, and now, we only need marine batteries and cables, the total cost is about $3,400. If you donate towards the batteries, and the temperature is very humid, we cannot work on our computers and laptops without power.

  6. I will appreciate your invitation to me, to come to your congregation and make a presentation of the work we are doing in Haiti. I am available now until the summer of 2022, you can contact me by email at: or Help me with the tickets, and a place to sleep and food until my return home, the proposed for me to come is to present the work and fundraising for Christian Mission South Haiti, if you need someone for your VBS or your camp I will be able to present the work of Christian Mission South Haiti. Keep the mission in your prayers. The general donation will be used where the needs are.

This is how to subscribe:

Provide full name or Church name:______________________________________

Home Address:________________________________________________________

State:____________________________ Zip Code:_________



Repair churches$________ Repair rooftop$________ Food$________ Medicines$_________ School$__________ Clothes$__________ Shoes$__________ General$______________________________________

In His Service,

Jean Alix Lusma / Field Director

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