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   It is our sincere hope that you have a great New Year 2023. 

  The year 2022 has been the most challenging in the life of Christian Mission South Haith. As you all know, 2022 in Haiti was terrible for all Citizens Of Haiti. It isn’t just about CMSH but has been for every one of our small nation.

   Life here has been tremendously hard regarding mobility, significant food shortages, fuel expenses and shortages, and unavailable medicines, electricity, internet, and water supplies. We walked everywhere we had to go. That included folks coming to worship. That has dramatically impacted our outreach and supplies to the ten churches we support.

This has also affected all our members' income as many jobs are no more, or too complex for our people to get to. As outstanding has been the support of our churches and individuals, the needs here have been overwhelming. This has deeply troubled us as there were so many requests that we could not meet. The poor are still suffering every day. Many have died from a lack of food, medicine, or water.

   In addition, there have been dangers from the gangs who control the roads and even some cities or sections of the cities. We have that problem in Les Cayes. Every day people are still killed and kidnaped.  We have had some relief because the gangs stopped controlling the gas terminals. Fuel is available again but at the cost of $7 a gallon. Before, when rarely available, it cost $60 a gallon. We rejoice in this.

   The schools were to open in September, but because of the riots against the government, they have been shut down. This is undoubtedly bad news for our students. Learning is their future. We opened our school in December, but most students could not come.

   The remnants of the earthquake in 2021 are everywhere here in South Haiti. Les Cayes was the epicenter of the quake. Thousands of buildings haven’t been repaired, including businesses, homes, schools, and churches. We still have homes that are plastic sheets for roofs and walls. Two of our churches are meeting under tarps with no side walls.

All of our churches need repairs.  Healing Hands ministry provides financial assistance to rebuild some churches. We are deeply thankful for that. Yet, there are roof expenses beyond what they help us with.

   Despite all the hardships this past year and no soon resolve of our crises all over Haiti, our people remain faithful to the Lord. We are CMSH joyfully serve them.

   Our most sincere thanks and deep appreciation for the faithfulness of our supporting churches and individuals. This keeps our ministry moving forward, even in times like these. We have significant work to do here for our Lord, and stay faithful to our church. We praise God for you.

   Merry Christmas and have a great new year in the Lord.


   Jean Alix Lusma, Executive Director

   Jim Johnston, President of the Board

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