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The Full Story


Welcome to O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A's page, It is defined as Charitable Organization of the Churches of Christ in Les Cayes, Haiti. 

Donate to O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A by mail:

Christian Mission South Haiti / O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A

760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002.

For all Disasters and Charitable donations


Our primary missions are: 

  1. To provide assistance to the poor and orphans.

  2. To continuously stand with the victims of natural disasters, Haiti knows natural disasters and earthquakes on a yearly basis. We are registered as Nonprofit Organisation to assist the victims in all the regions of Haiti. Wherever the Disaster occurs, we will be present.

  3. To provide assistance to small farmers anywhere in Haiti, by helping with fertilizers, seeds, and water irrigation.

  4. To provide assistance in the education field, by helping poor schools with books, and notebooks, providing salaries to the teachers, and helping them in their infrastructures.

  5. To transform all of our natural resources for the financial benefit of the people, such as fruits, precious metals, and industrial rocks.

  6. To provide assistance in healthcare, providing medicine and medical equipment, and laboratory materials. In some cases, we will assist the doctors and nurses by providing small financial help.

  7. We have created our very own Credit Union (Micro Credit), where the members can deposit their money, they can withdraw at will, and borrow to create their small businesses as well. Likewise, we provide assistance to other branches in other regions in Haiti.


Our visions are:

  1. To help Haiti and create change in all aspects of life, this is why O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A wants to work in all of Haiti.

  2. All we have mentioned above, we want to make these ideas possible, With help from our partners.

  3. Our mission is our vision, to provide assistance and all needs the country is facing, they will need help to make a change.

  4. Our vision is to acquire great partners such as yourself who reading this right now and will sign on by joining us to make all these things happen.

  5. Our Vision is to respond to all DISASTERS that will happen in the country of Haiti

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