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Christian Mission South Haiti / March Update

Greetings to all from the Haiti Ministry. I am Jean Alix Lusma, Christian Mission South Haiti's director in Haiti.

          Praise God the Father for His blessings. Our Annual Assembly event concluded successfully on Sunday, March 17, 2024. However, we encountered a challenge as there was insufficient food. Two of our churches were unable to attend due to transportation issues; they lacked accessible means to cover their travel expenses. Despite this, the church buildings looked splendid.

      We extend our gratitude to HHI (Healing Hand International) for their assistance in constructing four church buildings. The transformation in Bergeaud Church of Christ is particularly noteworthy, all thanks to HHI's support.



Regarding the situation in Haiti, recent events in Port-au-Prince have had repercussions across the country. Since many essential supplies pass through Port-au-Prince, there is a shortage of humanitarian materials nationwide. We urge you to continue praying for us and our country.

     We are deeply thankful to our supporters, including individuals, families, and churches, whose generous contributions enabled us to address the food shortage. Your donations made it possible to feed the children at the event.

          At the conclusion of the event, we reassigned some preachers to different churches, facilitating a rotation of ministers. Minister Jean Yves Clair will now serve at St. Jean Church, Minister Teonel Taya at Renaudin Church of Christ, and Minister Evens Arzor at Ceid Church of Christ. Saurel Augustin will serve at Savanette Church of Christ, Roland Maceluce at Charlette Church of Christ, and Jean Teneus at Pelerin Church of Christ. As for Bergeaud Church of Christ, myself, Alex Lusma, WorldDensky Alcide, and Etienne remain dedicated to its service.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers.

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