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Haiti turns to Disaster; Political, humanitarian & Social Crisis

Christian Mission South Haiti. Inc (C.M.S.H)

760 Washington Ave. Alton IL 62002

618-789-4962. 954 934 9602


Dear Friends in Jesus Christ, collaborators in faith.

      As a longtime Supporter and friend, you have read about the work of Christian Mission South Haiti, we have provided many newsletters highlighting the work we are doing in Haiti since 1992. Because of the degradation of the situation in the country of Haiti, as a religious organization seeking to save lost souls, Jesus said these words 3 times, for Peter to take care of the People of God. When we meet with all these things, it is always the poorest that die of hunger, dying from the bullets of armed men.

       We who are believers in Christ must continue to act. Missionaries of Christian Mission South Haiti are on the ground, unfortunately, it is true about all the noise we hear about Haiti at the moment, at this moment going up to Port Au Prince is not easy, most people leave Port Au Prince to go to the provincial cities, many Missionaries and Embassies have already left the country. People are dying in disadvantaged neighborhoods almost every hour, we need everything at the moment, and even if someone in Haiti has little money, he has to pay twice as much for everything.

       We are taking care of many families who are fleeing to Les Cayes, they don't have jobs, they don't have any money, they come with children, they need schools and medicine. Our resources are low, we need more support and love for the people of Haiti. We know you are there to serve God in everything he asks you to do. Help us, even if it's only one meal for a day. Give your participation today. We are Tax exempt; you will receive proper documents that you gave to the people of Haiti. Alternatively, after fundraising, if you have good things you want to give that are durable. Please send them to the address above!

          It is in the name of Jesus Christ the savior that we write all these words, it is after prayer and faith that we send this letter, which is full of urgent needs, we hope that you will read this letter with love. Haiti has always made the news for decades; however, today it is too much, let's join together in Jesus Christ who sent us to all Nations on earth, to save those who are suffering under the feet of satanic ideology.

       We are on the ground, we are not worried, we are here to help so that we can do more for those who are suffering. We are already working with more than 10 churches and about 20 organizations. Our Orphanage is where we will house those who are coming into Les Cayes. We are convinced that God will make a way for Haiti and the Haitians. We love you with all our Hearts, we don't ask you because you are rich or you represent Jesus on the Earth.

 Please visit our website,

You can also use our PayPal link on our website.

If you would like to call us, you can reach our telephone above in the Address. Send your full name and address. The central office of Christian Mission South Haiti is in the 3rd city of the country which is Les Cayes.


Pastor Jim Johnston, President,


Jean Alix Lusma, Field Director,


Alex Lusma, Executive Secretary,


Nevin Curtis, Board Member,

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