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The people are still homeless and suffering

Christian Mission South Haiti

631 Sun Bluff Lane

Apopka, Florida 32712

Dear readers,

It has been three months since the devastating earthquake, the casualties are still unknown for a lot of families, and the physical damages are evident, especially in Les Cayes. You may be unaware of this dire reality, however, there are hundreds of people who are still living in tents in all of of impacted areas. The reality of lack of clean water, electricity and medical care was present for us in the past, as of now, the earthquake has created a deeper issue that should be addressed immediately.

Christian Mission South Haiti has suffered the same, our church and school buildings were heavily damaged, and our medical building completely collapsed. Our medical services provided care at an affordable cost to all individuals within our community, the majority of our patients are very poor and cannot even afford to pay our fees at a low price.

There is constant need for medical intervention since the earthquake, however, due to our current circumstances, the people have no other option but to seek medical services to government hospital and take on debt. It is a helpless situation for a lot parents, who cannot afford to be in debt. Christian Mission South Haiti wants to resume its medical services, however, we need to rebuild our medical facilities and rehire our medical staff in the past, we cannot do so without your help.

Your contribution into rebuilding our community hospital is desperately needed, children and mothers are the main vulnerable group in this country. The percentage of infant mortality is high, women hygiene is nonexistent, we need to rebuild our medical building now and we can do it with your help.

You can contribute towards our rebuilding efforts by Check at:

Christian Mission South Haiti

P.O Box 2914

Apopka, Florida 32704

Our collapsed medical building in Les Cayes, Haiti

Earthquake victims living in tents months after
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