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Emergency Flooding in Haiti


760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002. by Zelle, please type the email: Address above. Phone 954 934 9602. 618 789 4962. 407 385 8712. Whatsapp, 509 4406 0584.

This is an Emergency message to you, friends, and supporters of Christian Mission South Haiti. We are sharing a piece of critical news! We received heavy rain for over a week, and it felt like we were under a cat four hurricane. A lot of damage was done. People lost their lives, houses, crops, cows, goats, and other farm animals. Many people are suffering right now. People are already poor and have been living in tents since the earthquake.

As a Christian organization supported by fellow believers in America, the people of Haiti's eyes are on us to help, and we are seeking your support to help the people who are suffering now. No contribution is too small.

Families lost everything!

Haiti is a poor country, and the people have little to nothing; they cannot afford a decent living. The rain caused them more hardship as they left their tent.

Items needed: These items can be bought locally Food, clothes, medicine, shoes, construction items, etc.

You can help us with your contribution by Zelle. Our email address is, The handle Jean will appear as you do so!!

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