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January 2023 Update

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

760 Washington Avenue. Alton IL 62002. Phone: 618 789 4962. Haiti 509 4406 0584; 854 934 9602.

January Update for Christian Mission South Haiti

With deep appreciation for our faithful churches and individuals who support the work of Christian Mission South Haiti, we greet you in this new year.

With 2022 behind us, 2023 remains as bleak and desperate before us. There still is no electricity. There remain significant shortages of food, medicine, water, and work. We still see killings by the government and gangs. Life here is hard and harsh. The high costs and shortages of everything are taking a toll on everyone.

Despite that, our churches are still effectively ministering. Among our churches, there were 37 baptisms. Our church in Mangnant has moved to Ceid due to persecution. There is little money to build a structure available to them. The members, few in number, are doing their best with what is available to them.

It has been freezing compared to the usual temperatures. This, too, is affecting our people and their health. Cholera has broken out in some areas.

Because of the civil unrest, shortages of needed daily supplies, issues of safety, and travel expenses, mission teams have not been able to come to assist with our work. Please pray with us that this will change soon in our nation.

As we have learned of the foreign nationals flooding into our country, many illegally, there are also ways foreign nationals can come to the US. One of them is through Americans sponsoring them. Brother Lusma requests that our supporters and perhaps others prayerfully consider supporting a Haitian to go and stay with them to get their education or job training. If God puts this on your heart, contact Brother Lusma at There is paperwork required through the Homeland Security Department that will need to be filled out. This could be a life-changing and directing blessing for our people to come here. You can also contact our President, Jim Johnston, at

Last year our supporting churches and individuals gave us $47560.71 to minister for and with you. Some of our distributions were used for the preachers, solar panels, food, medical expenses, repairs from the hurricanes, and other devastations.

We are hosting a Conference on March 15th through the 17th, a get-together of our churches. Please keep that in your prayers.

There is a great need for a vehicle, car, or truck for Alex to use for his ministry. If someone could donate one for that purpose, it would be a great blessing. At the same time, we are still looking for ways to purchase motorcycles for all our ministers.

A report from the UN just today says this about Haiti: “The people of Haiti are suffering the worst human rights and humanitarian emergency in decades.” It reported that “the number of killings soared by 35% last year compared to the previous years, with more than 2,100 slain. In addition, kidnappings more than doubled last year, with more than 1,350 victims”.

Blessings from Jim Johnston, President of the Board

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