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The Reconstruction Plan

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Christian Mission South Haiti / Bergeaud Church of Christ Haiti

760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002

407-864-7157/ 407 961 0597 / 618 789 4962

On august 14 2021, the south of Haiti was heavily damaged by the earthquake. Christian Mission South Haiti wants to help the victims of the earthquake in Les Cayes, Haiti. We will provide Blocks to victims of the Earthquake within our communities. We are seeking your donations to rebuild in south Haiti, mainly in Les Cayes. We will need to Buy a lot of Cement bag as well. We hope to distribute hundred of Blocks to the families who were affected by the earthquake. We will use the same amount for ourselves to rebuild our church, Guest house and our orphanage buildings. 

Here are the list to build 30 houses:

Cement Bags, Iron bars, Metal sheets, Plywoods, Nails, Gravels Dump trucks, Sands Dump trucks, 2x4 woods, 2x6 woods, 1x16 woods, 12x1x16 planks, key locks, Iron doors, Iron windows, electric materials, glass windows, engineers, carpenters, masonry, human labors.

(Side note) If any organization saw the previous note on our rebuilding effort, it is still considered.

If we do this it will be a great help to the Victims. Helping with Blocks to the victims to rebuild and if it is possible, we will provide them with cements bags also. Address: 760 Washington Ave. Alton, IL 62002. Email, phone 407 961 0597. 618 789 4962

Bro. Alix Lusma & Brother Jim Johnston

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