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A brand new initiative!!

Dear Friends,

We are presenting you this organization called O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A, it is an organization amongst the Churches of Christ of South Haiti. It was created for the development of the body of Christ, because of so many needs, with this organization, we make it known to you today, if you wish to help us, our organization was registered with the government of Haiti. It is free to make your donations to us, and it is going directly to the people, we are going to describe many things we are currently working on with the local population:

· Health: providing health care services to the local population of Les Cayes, providing free medicines to the poor. No payment will be required to those receiving our medical services. You can donate money for the medicines, to pay nurses, you can sponsor a sick person for $20 a month.

· Reconstruction: after the earthquake of last august in three different areas, our goal is to help the poor people to have a place to live, or repair their broken homes. We hope and pray that you will appreciate by providing assistance, we will need $3000 to build a little home for a small family. You can sponsor with $100 a month for this project.

· Food: providing food for those who are poor and do not have money to buy food, we would like to provide some food to every family we have under this program. We can serve 5000 families all over the country, because our organization is registered to help all of Haiti.

· Education: education is very important, in Haiti, the parents who are poor cannot to send their children to school, this is why O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A is engaging to help the poor parents to send their children to school or we will build school to receive these children and providing additional assistance to the orphans. Those orphans who are living in the streets, they have no one to help them, if you would to support our orphanage or a poor student to go to school. You can do so with $50 a month.

· Agriculture: Haiti need agriculture, often time we are too poor to have materials to farm the lands, the fertilizer is very expensive, we cannot afford a tractor, we wish to have a way to do agriculture. Also, we want to involve in planting trees all over Haiti with your help, as all of humanity will benefit from such an action, Haiti forest needs to be repopulated. If you want to help us, we need money for materials, for workers and to acquire additional lands.

· Minerals: we would like to teach our young men and women about precious metals, minerals and everything of value under the earth. We would like to receive financial help, and experts to come work with us in this project, if you wish to help us in this endeavor, please let us know.

· Micro credit: give a man a fish every day is not sustainable, because of that O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A created a system to help families to start their own small businesses, we will encourage every community for them to organize and have a micro credit. To start a micro credit, we would like to give $275 to each member of that micro credit, they can start their own business. You can sponsor a poor family with that startup money of $275.


For us to be able to accomplish all of these, there are things we must have, we will have a committee in every department of Haiti to monitor every decision. We need to acquire vehicles such as 4x4 motorcycles for our agents to reach every person in need, we need to rent an office for those who wish to meet and speak with us, we need internet and telephone, office materials, desks, chairs, and a salary for our working employees. Please, let us know which area you are most interested in helping us as an organization. Here is our registration number from the ministry of social affairs of Haiti SOS-740073/DDS-MAST

We have shown you that we are currently registered with the Haitian government, and we partner with Christian Mission South Haiti /O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A. It is a nonprofit organization based in the United States, you can send your monetary donation to Christian Mission South Haiti:

Christian Mission South Haiti / O.C.L.E.K.K.O.A

P.O BOX 2914

Apopka, FL 32704

You can contact us in Les Cayes, Haiti at:

Eglise Du Christ Bergeaud

Bergeaud Rue #3

Les Cayes, Haiti HT8111

Tel: 509 32 63 35 51

In his service,

Jean Alix Lusma / President

Jean Alex Lusma / Vice President

Laurent Getrine St-Clair / Secretary

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