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Conference & Lectureship

We are pleased to announce our annual conference on August 25th - 28th, The Churches of Christ will be meeting at Bergeaud Church of Christ as one body. Many of our Brothers and Sisters will gather for worship, and praising our Lord Jesus Christ, we will have a great lectureship where many of our preachers will be preaching for this three-day conference event, We have great Bible lessons with Preachers. . If you can not attend our conference and you have the desire to contribute to the event, please go to our website and DONATE FOR THAT EVENT. We will need to cover the costs of meals and transportation for our brothers and sisters. If you desire to get in contact with us, our email address is

If you want to contribute by sending a check, you can mail us at:

Christian Mission South Haiti / Bergeaud Church of Christ

631 Sun Bluff Lane

Apopka, Florida 32712

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