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Earthquake update & Work being done


Christian Mission South Haiti / Bergeaud Church of Christ Haiti.

760 Washington Ave

Alton, IL 62002. Telephone: 407 961 0597. Haiti 509 3263 3551.

Email Address:

P.O Box 2914

Apopka, Florida 32704

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, Bergeaud Church of Christ is a mother church who started 9 other churches over a decade ago.  We are also associated with Christian mission south Haiti, a nonprofit 501c3 to protect our donors. The donors can give any amount, large or small, the donations are tax deductible and our work in Haiti is very extensive and we need a lot of resources to keep everything going.

            We will provide additional information for each congregation, and the different project they have, and the existing projects that needs to be accomplished. After the hurricane Matthew in 2015, the majority of our church buildings have lost their rooftops; here are the nine congregation names in their following needs:

The Churches of Christ individual needs & projects

·         Bergeaud Church of Christ: the building was too small, and we have expand it, however, we need to finish building the walls by scaffolding, we need a lot of cement, we need a lot of laborers, we need electricity, we need a toilets and we need help for our school, we need help to pay our teachers and provide food for students. Bergeaud church leaders needs help with transportations, they are in need to of a good vehicle to preach the gospel.

·       Maignant Church of Christ: the church is located on a mountain, and it is very difficult to access, however, they have the land to build a cement building. They also need a good working well, as the lack of clean water is present in that area and the preacher is in need of a motorcycle as he is in need of a good transportation. The locals are very poor, the area has nothing to keep them healthy, and they are in constant need of food and medicine.

·         Saint Jean Church of Christ: this congregation is located in a city named Saint Jean, they are a very faithful church. They have a building to worship, however, the metal rooftop is no longer good and need a replacement, and the church is on its property as well. A motorcycle is necessary for transportation for the preacher. The preacher’s wife is very able merchant but lack money such as with a lot of women in the congregation.

·         Saint Martin Church of Christ: the church is located by the sea side, the church is located on its property, the metal rooftops have been greatly damaged and the church floors need to be repaired as well. The preacher at Saint Martin needs a vehicle, as transportation is very much necessary for his work, and those needs are urgent for this church.

·         Savanette Church of Christ: the church there has a lot of urgent needs, the church building was destroyed by hurricane Matthew in 2015, and we are yet able to repair that church. We have a lot of land in that area, we used to have a lot of orphans under our care, and however, due to a lack of fund we cannot keep it open, we have a big garden with vegetables in that land. The preacher at Savanette needs a vehicle for transportation and evangelization events.

  ·         Charlette Church of Christ: the hurricane Matthew destroyed the church building, we have rebuilt the walls but the rooftop is still not yet put in place. The worship building is quite small and we need to rebuild it altogether, this is an urgent need for this church. They have a well on the land, brothers and sisters in the church of Charlette are very poor. We have bought a land near the church, however, the sellers have not given us the right to claim the land, and we are in legal process to claim it back. The need of transportation is needed for the preacher as well.

·         Renaudin Church of Christ: the church building is located in the mountains, it is a difficult terrain and very hard to access the church. They need a better building, a school for young adults to remain in their villages and not travel to other cities, and transportation is needed for the preacher as well.

·         Embouchure Church of Christ: we just bought a land but there is no building, and we need to build our church on the property. They have a primary school with more than 300 students which is very important, because we can teach them about the Bible and have them baptized when they confess Christ Jesus. We need to build our church, help parents with tuitions and school supplies as well. The church is in need of transportation and a good well for water. The church is very hard to access and close by the sea.

·         Derriere Fort Church of Christ: the church does not have a land or a church building, because they are in the main city of Les Cayes. We wish to rent a better building, but we cannot because of our lack of money, and the preacher needs a vehicle for transportation as well.  An urgent need for this church is necessary, to buy land or to rent a better building.

·         Pelerin Church of Christ: the church has no land, and no church building. We need to buy a land that may cost us $10,000. Transportation vehicles for the preacher is necessary for Pelerin Church of Christ and often time need help with food, clothing and medicine.

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