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March Newsletter 2022

Christian Mission South Haiti /Bergeaud Church of Christ

760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002

P.O Box 2914

Apopka, Florida 32704

Tel: 618-789-4962. 407-385-8712. 954-934-9602

March Newsletter 2022

Romans 16:16 we salute you from Les Cayes, Haiti. We are a church in Les Cayes, Haiti named Bergeaud Church of Christ. we are located in southern Haiti, where the earthquake has passed on August 14, 2021. We are 10 congregations working together, and the 9 other churches were started by Bergeaud Church of Christ this is why we remain together and we share with each other.

We are here at Bergeaud Church of Christ, we are very concerned about the events of the war between Russia and Ukraine. We have brothers and sisters in Ukraine, we are requesting your prayers for them and the refugees as well. They need some support, but our prayers come first of what they truly need plus the financial support.

We have a lot of young men and women, we have been thinking about opening a school of preaching in south Haiti, we were contacting Florida School of Preaching to help us. However, they were unable to assist us financially, but the president was happy to work with us, this is why we are emailing you this information, to assist us in any way you can. To assist us with this project, we already have rooms available, but it is not enough as we are in need of money, it will be a blessing if you can take this engagement to work with us in this project, but for now, we have so many needs after the earthquake, people are very hungry and sick, they are in need of clothes and medicine.

We are ten churches that work together in south Haiti in ten different areas. The needs are visible, and the churches and areas are 1- Church of Christ at Bergeaud and its surrounding areas, Bergeaud, Les Cayes, Cite Lumiere, Finca, Masse, Laurent and Fogas, Brother Jean Alix Lusma, Roland Maceus, Lemile Denis, Cedern Louisius minister and deacons at Bergeaud Church of Christ. 2- Church of Christ at Saint-Jean and its surrounding areas, Saint-Jean, Boyer, Moinde, Madan Calixte, Petite Riviere, Saint-Ville, Brother Dieuseul Bernard minister at Saint-Jean Church of Christ, Brother Regalio and Brother Azor are deacons. 3- Church of Christ at Olivier/Magnant and its surrounding areas, Olivier, La Porte, Suit, Ceide, Mondry, Brother Teonel Taillard minister at Olivier Church of Christ, Brother Yvon, Brother Jean-Joseph, Brother Oreste Teneus, Brother Carulio deacons at Olivier Church of Christ.

4- Church of Christ at Savanette and its surrounding areas, Savanette, Saint Michelle, Damion, Berau, Galimette, Boucamp, Brother Rivette Jean Annonce minister at Savanette Church of Christ, Brother Fanfan, Brother Charlie are deacons at Savanette Church of Christ. 5- Church of Christ Charlette and its surrounding areas, Charlette, Torbeck, Arniquet, Bois Landry, Saint Veronique, Brother Makenson Lisma, Brother James Saintil minister at Charlette Church of Christ, Brother Sonel, Brother Regal are deacons. 6- Church of Christ at Pelerin and its surrounding areas, Pelerin, Larco, Fond Fred, Nan Dechet, La Ravine, Brother Jean Teneus minister at Pelerin Church of Christ, Brother Bonel Louis serve as a deacon at the church.

7- Church of Christ Centre Ville (Derriere Fort) and its surrounding areas, Centre Ville, Derriere Fort, La Ravine, La Savanne, Brother Alex Lusma, and Brother Moliere Clerger minister at Centre Ville Church of Christ. 8-Church of Christ at Renaudin and its surrounding areas, Renaudin, Boyer, Petit Plaine, Des Jardin, Beauclop, Clermont, Lamarre, La Hatte, Quetin, Brother Jean Yves (Ti Toto), Brother Saurel Augustin minister at Renaudin Church of Christ. 9- Church of Christ at Saint-Martin and its surrounding areas, Saint-Martin, Abacoup, Ozanana, Cas Pierre, Brother Nesly Destil minister at Saint- Martin Church of Christ, Brother Gregory serves as a deacon.10- Church of Christ at Embouchure and its surrounding areas, Embouchure, Balix, tewouj, kaloban, langade, matonn, boule, matotye, toujimel, Brother Jean Yves St Clair minister at Embouchure Church of Christ.

We would like to distribute food to our ten churches in those areas, based on their needs and necessities after the earthquake. A marmite equals about 2lbs of beans, each little bag has four marmites 4x2 equals about 8lbs of rice. Your aid will be very significant for our brothers and sisters, we can buy the food here in Haiti and those areas will be the beneficiaries.

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