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Newsletter for the month of July



ALTON, IL 62002.

PASTOR JIM JOHNSON, Phone # 718 789 4962. Jean Alix Lusma Phone 509 3263 3551. 954 954 934 9602.

Blessings to all of you. We salute each and every one of you. It is always good to share our experiences in Haiti and the activities we engage in. You support us in representing you here in Haiti, spreading the Gospel of God through the blood of Jesus Christ. On behalf of all the beneficiaries we serve in South Haiti, CMSH Ministry to Haitian people, we are very grateful to our friends who think about us and pray for us.

We have all been saved through the Gospel, but Haiti has been devastated by politicians who have allowed gangs to take control of the entire country. This situation has been ongoing for over three years, making it difficult for us to move around freely. Although we can now buy gas without much trouble and the prices have slightly decreased, the road to the capital is still blocked by gangs.

Despite these challenges, we continue our ministry, helping the needy, children, and the victims of floods. We appreciate your support in meeting these needs. Currently, the schools are closed, but our students will be taking the government exams next week, specifically the 9th-grade class. Please pray for them during this important time.

We would like to organize youth activities for our young people.

It is crucial to provide activities for our youth as they are the future. For those who have been supporting us for years, we kindly ask for your assistance in this regard. Additionally, we are in need of Bibles and songbooks. Furthermore, we have families who require food and medicine. We understand that there are needs that you may not be able to meet, but we trust in the Lord and wait upon His provision.

In our last update, we mentioned the need for transportation for the ministry, and we reiterate that request now, hoping that God may bless one of you with the opportunity to help. God is showing us a new area with the potential to start a new congregation. If you agree with us pursuing this endeavor, please let us know. Starting a church requires significant work, including investment in transportation, Bibles, songs, and renting a place for study and worship.

Due to the insecurity in the country, we cannot invite you to come and visit us. However, we ask that you continue to show your love to CMSH by providing support. Our nine congregations are doing well in their faith, but they require major repairs due to the earthquake that occurred in 2021. Currently, there is no electricity, and we are unsure why. The batteries we purchased approximately two years ago need to be replaced. If someone knows how to make the solar panels work without batteries, we kindly ask for your guidance, as batteries are quite expensive.

The school will reopen in September, and we request your prayers for the children in our school. We are also seeking sponsors for them. Harrell Church of Christ provides peanut butter, but we lack funds for daily bread, which costs $50 every day.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

May God bless you abundantly.

In His Service,

Jean Alix Lusma Field Director

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