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Report of Numbers of Churches Destroyed

Christian Mission South Haiti / Bergeaud Church of Christ

760 Washington Avenue

Alton, IL 62002

P.O Box 2914

Apopka, Florida 32704

Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

As many of you have seen the terrible earthquake on the news, the earthquake has caused many damages in south Haiti, many lives were lost under crumbling buildings, and many are being recovered alive under the rumbles. Many houses were destroyed in the city and neighboring villages, included our school, churches and medical building. This is a report made on individual churches of Christ, the list was made by our church deacons.

The list of houses of brothers and sisters of Churches of Christ list are:

  • Pelerin Church of Christ: 8 houses destroyed, 7 badly damaged

  • Saint – Jean Church of Christ: 8 houses badly damaged

  • Massey Church of Christ: 12 houses badly damaged.

  • Derriere Fort Church of Christ: 7 houses destroyed; 2 houses badly damaged.

  • Renaudin Church of Christ: 6 houses destroyed; 27 houses badly damaged.

  • Embouchure Church of Christ: 8 houses badly damaged.

  • Maignant Church of Christ: 12 houses destroyed; 20 houses badly damaged.

  • Savanette Church of Christ: 2 houses destroyed.

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CHRISTIAN MISSION SOUTH OF HAITI (CMSH) 760 WASHINGTON AVE. ALTON, IL 62002. Contact: Pastor Jim Johnson, Pastor Jean Alix Lusma Phone: 618 789 4962, 954-934-9602, 407-385-8712, 689-275-7815 Jeanluma1

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