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Time of Crisis!

Dear Supporters,
I hope this message finds you well, although the circumstances I'm about to describe are far from it.
Since Monday, Haiti has been engulfed in turmoil and uncertainty. Our people are facing a crisis unlike any other, with many unable to leave their homes for even the most basic necessities. The streets, once bustling with life, are now shrouded in fear and despair.
The situation is dire. The government's restrictions have worsened the plight of our brothers and sisters, leaving them stranded without access to food or water. It's heartbreaking to witness the suffering of our fellow Haitians, trapped in their own homes with nowhere to turn.
Adding to the chaos, there's been an outbreak of violence and destruction. Communities are under siege, and the threat of civil war hangs heavy in the air. It's a terrifying time for all of us.
In the face of such adversity, we turn to you, our steadfast supporters, for help. We need your prayers more than ever. Please join us in asking for divine intervention and guidance during this dark time. Together, let's lift our voices in unity and strength.
Pray for protection for those stuck at home, that they may find peace amidst the chaos. Pray for provision, that no one goes hungry or thirsty during this crisis. And pray for peace, that the storm of unrest may pass, and calm may return to our beloved Haiti.
Above all, please keep Christian Mission South Haiti in your prayers. We're doing everything we can to navigate through these turbulent times with faith and resilience. With your support, we can be a beacon of hope in the darkness, spreading God's love and compassion to those in need.
Thank you for standing with us in solidarity and prayer. Together, we can overcome this challenge and emerge stronger than ever.
With heartfelt gratitude,

Jean Alix Lusma
Field Director
Christian Mission South Haiti
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