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Mourning the Loss of Missionaries in Haiti

Dear Christian Mission South Haiti Supporters & Friends,

It is with profound sorrow and heavy hearts that we write to inform you of the tragic loss of three dedicated souls in our mission community. Davy and Natalie Lloyd, a devoted young couple from the United States, alongside our esteemed local director, have been killed in the community of Lizon in northern Port-au-Prince. While Davy and Natalie were not formally part of our mission, their unwavering dedication to the people of Haiti and their commitment to spreading the Gospel unite us in shared grief and purpose.

The circumstances surrounding their deaths are a grim reminder of the constant threat that missionaries in Haiti face. As violent gangs now control 80% of Port-au-Prince, the capital has become a battleground, a stark contrast to the peace and love that we strive to share. The Haitian authorities are awaiting the arrival of a police force from Kenya, deployed under a U.N.-backed initiative to quell the rampant gang violence. While we pray for the success of this mission and the restoration of order, we are acutely aware of the immediate dangers that continue to loom over us.

Davy and Natalie Lloyd were beacons of hope, love, and faith in a land struggling under the weight of darkness. Their passion for service and their deep love for the Haitian community left an indelible mark on everyone they encountered. They embraced the mission field with open hearts and devoted spirits, willing to sacrifice their comfort and safety for the sake of the Gospel and the well-being of others. Their tragic deaths, along with that of our local director, underscore the severe and perilous conditions under which all missionaries in Haiti are currently operating.

In this dark hour, we turn to our faith and to you, our supporters and friends, for strength and solace. The darkness of sin has indeed engulfed Haiti, but we firmly believe that the light of Christ can and will pierce through this darkness. Now more than ever, we call upon churches and fellow believers to mobilize in the mission field. We cannot allow the darkness to spread unchecked. Our mission to preach the Gospel, to bring hope to the hopeless, and to be a source of light in the darkest of times is more critical than ever.

We ask for your prayers, for the families of Davy and Natalie Lloyd, for our local director’s family, and for the entire community that mourns this tragic loss. Pray for strength, for courage, and for the protection of all who continue to serve in Haiti. We also ask for your continued support, both in prayer and in action, as we strive to fulfill the mission that God has set before us.

The road ahead is fraught with challenges, but we walk it with faith, knowing that God is with us every step of the way. Let us unite in our shared mission, undeterred by the darkness, and steadfast in our commitment to spread the Gospel and bring the love of Christ to all corners of Haiti.

In Christ’s service,

Lusma Jean Alix - Field Director

Christian Mission South Haiti

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