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Christian Mission South Haiti February Update

Brothers and sisters In Christ,

We salute you and wish us courage for what happened and what will continue happening to us. Our Ministry is in the middle of fire in South of Haiti. Last month we were unable to get out of our House, the people were rioting for days and nights. The Police shot many rioters, and the rioters set fires everywhere, they burned our Church gates and cement sign. Our medical clinic building was covered with dust from burn tires, and we have lost a lot. Also, the Gangs are still in operations as they continue to terrorize the population. We are praying God the father to protect us and blessing us each day, please pray for all in Christ in Haiti, as many are traumatized by these events happening in Haiti right now. This week, the news reported 16 people died in one family, armed gangs are doing way more, 5 members of Haiti’s SWAT unit has died from armed men. The people are leaving their homes because of insecurity, and many have died. Brothers and Sisters, be warned, you may see many Churches in Haiti, however, the people are not change inwardly, they need to repent ask God for forgiveness. The situation is very bad here, we ask for all kinds of help to push and spread the good News of Jesus Christ all over Haiti. Radio, TV and lectures. I believe that you are strong believer in Christ Jesus, and that together in faith, we will stop Satan plan to destroyed Haiti, together in prayer we can stop it from doing that.


In his service,

Jean Alix Lusma         Field Director

+509 44 06 0584    +509 32 63 3551



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