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Christian Mission South Haiti Update 2024

Updated: Jan 16

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We, Christian Mission South Haiti, want to extend our prayers to you and wish you a happy new year of 2024. The end of 2023 and the start of 2024 has and is currently difficult for us, we had a tragedy with one of our members, some had strokes, some tested with cancer, we also helped individuals running from armed gangs from Port-au-Prince, we had them stayed at our old orphanage building. They had a fight amongst themselves, one of them had a broken foot due to the conflict.

However, we do have good news from November until now, we have amongst our churches, children club, and it is going very well. That idea is to teach future generations of children about God, we require your prayer about this program, we need materials such as: Bible, notebooks, and we would like to feed them as they participate from 9 A.M to 1 P.M.

The young adults in our churches are the monitors, they also need your prayers as they participate as well.

Our first event about 2024, is March 14 to March 17 will be our Annual Assembly, where all our members our churches will gather for worship during these days. We will have conferences, worship, workshop, praises during that time. During those days, there will be some expenses, your prayers and financial support will be very helpful to buy food and water. You are all invited to be a part of us during these times as well. Please let us know your intentions. We used to be on local TV stations, let us know if you can help us to continue such ministry to preach the word of God.

We are praising God for 2024, We had 2 baptisms at Bergeaud Church of Christ on Sunday, January 14,2024.

Two young men came forward and dedicated their lives to Christ Jesus, it is also important to mention that these two young men grew up in the church. Their mothers and fathers are active members at Bergeaud Church of Christ.

This year, we are looking to do agriculture work if we get help to do so. We wish with God's help, some of you will join us in 2024 to make changes to the world (Haiti). To talk About Haiti, we are still unsecure, armed gangs are everywhere, nothing can pass through from Port-Au-Prince to our city in Les Cayes, Gasoline, Diesel and Propane, armed gangs stop all, even food. So now, we are in a very bad situation, and very dangerous situation. If you manage to buy gasoline, on the black market it is about $18 USD for one gallon.

We as missionaries, the poor people see us as a savior, when they see us, they hope to get something from us, when they come to our house or stop us in the street, if we cannot give something, they are unhappy with us. The country still doesn't have a President since 2021, we do not know when we will have another election. Pray for the United States of America, it looks like a war with Yemen is inevitable, pray for our President, Pastor Jim Johnston, Pray for our board members, Pastor Nevin Curtis, Brother Deriso Russel, Pastor Jean Alix Lusma, Alex Lusma.

It is time to start ship material things to Haiti, such as clothes and foods, if you desire to do so, please let us know and we will give you the address in Florida, and we will ship it to Haiti. if you wish to donate goods, we encourage you to ship good clothes, nonperishable foods. we still haven't seen electricity in our town, if you have generators you wish to donate let us know, or wish to donate solar panels, marine batteries, let us know. If you have contact with Kids against hunger, let them know if they can help us.
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