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Season of Gifts

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

In this season of giving, symbolizing the birth of Christ Jesus, fulfilling God’s love mankind by sharing Christ with us. Remember, God provided us the greatest gift ever, by sharing Christ so that all of us can be saved, today it is required for us to share the same love for those who are in necessities to receive love just as we have received love from the father.

In this season of giving, a lot of people have a father, a brother, an aunt or an uncle to receive a gift from; however, there are those who don’t have a family member to receive gifts from. We pray that you may become a father, a brother, an aunt or uncle to those who doesn’t have a parent to provide a gift.

Below it is a photo list of persons who are happy to receive your blessing & love.

In this season of giving, let's focus on the unsung heroes of Christian Mission South Haiti. Our dedicated preachers and ministers. Beyond spiritual guidance, they face daily challenges. Your support can alleviate their basic needs, from food and shelter to transportation. By extending a helping hand, you empower these leaders to continue their vital work, bringing hope to the communities they serve. Your generosity amplifies the impact of our mission in Haiti. Join us in making a lasting difference, ensuring our preachers can fulfill their calling and uplift lives during this season of compassion and goodwill.

As we embrace the season of giving, let's extend our support to Christian Mission South Haiti. Your contribution can make a significant impact by providing essential transportation for our preachers. Help us reach remote communities with the message of hope and love. Join us in making a difference this season.

Celebrate the spirit of giving with Christian Mission South Haiti! Our little ones in kindergarten eagerly await the love of Christmas. Join us in spreading joy by contributing gifts - toys, books, and essentials. Let's make this season brighter for these precious hearts. Your generosity fuels hope and happiness. Blessings abound!

In Haiti, Christian Mission South faces a crucial challenge: our commitment to educating elementary and high school students is met with the heartbreaking reality of our inability to pay our dedicated teachers. These educators, shaping the future of countless young minds, deserve better. Your support can bridge this gap, ensuring that quality education continues to flourish. By contributing to teacher salaries, you empower the next generation with knowledge and hope. Join us in making a difference, breaking the barriers that hinder our educators from providing the education our students deserve. Together, let's create a brighter future through the gift of education.


Pastor Jean Alix Lusma

Field Director

+1 407-385-8712

EIN 46-5534943

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