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Update for May 2023


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Alton, IL 62002. by Zelle, please type the email: Address above. Phone 954 934 9602. 618 789 4962. 407 385 8712. For Whatsapp, 509 4406 0584.

NEWS UPDATE OF Christian Mission South Haiti!

Dear friends and beloved in Christ Jesus, the Ministry Salutes you; we pray this will reach you well. Pray for the Country Of Haiti because it has experienced much Bloodshed and violence, primarily in the Capital, Port-au-Prince. Pray for Christian Mission South Haiti as a Ministry. We still need to recover from Covid 19th and the Earthquake 2021 in terms of finances. Our income is meager and only meets our expenses for a few months out of the year.

Our School Teachers cannot get paid regularly, and repairs for our Churches and other Buildings are still very much needed. Gas such as Gasoline and diesel became very difficult to find at Pumping stations, but thank God we can have it this Week Pump at the pumps, praise God. People in business in Haiti usually buy Gas from the United States for resale in Haiti at an expensive rate. Since we are in a financial hole, we are trying to contact many new friends from the Christian Church and the Churches Of Christ and explain to them our pressing financial need; for the sake of our ministry and those we serve, we will continue to ask for assistance.

We pray that some of these Churches will finally agree to be part of our ministry and say yes to us. Christian Mission South Haiti has both its old needs and new current needs; Christian Mission South Haiti requires a working Truck and Motorcycle for one Congregation, which is far away from the City. We have been thinking about buying a Pickup Truck for 2 Years now, and we would greatly appreciate it if we could get it now, as our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He knows our needs even before we can ask.

One of our dear friends could donate to Christian Mission South Haiti. We have also been thinking about going to the International Conference of Mission in Oklahoma this year, and we will need to pay for Hotel, Food, Renting a vehicle, and paying for our Booth spot. We collect some new supporters with hope and prayer, but there is no guarantee. If any has an Idea, let us know about it, please.

Pray for Jean A. Lusma and his family, and pray for Alex Lusma, my second eldest son, who's active in ministry. Pray for Saurel Augustin, who lost his Mom; pray for Renaudin Church, which lost one of its Deacon; pray for Ceide Church construction endeavors; pray for Chalette Church for its stability; pray for Bergeaud Church Of Christ, which has many families who need prayers. Pray for those who are still under the Tent after Quake 2021. Pray for all our preachers. Pray for our Clinics and Schools. Remember our needs. Pray for Gang violence in Haiti to go to the end. Pray for us as we are amid a spiritual warfare against us. Don't forget our children and Orphans.

In his Service,

Bro. Jean Alix Lusma / Field Director

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